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Dr. Eqbal Abdulmohsen Al-Asfour, General Manager

Background :

Graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor in Oral and Dental Surgery from Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt (first female Kuwaiti to graduate with a dental degree).


1970-1993: Employed at the Ministry of Health, Kuwait

1973: Appointed as one of the three team members by the Ministry of Health in establishing the Kuwaiti Dental Society.

1975-1984: Promoted as Head of the Capital District of Dental Polyclinic.

1976: Served for eight years as one of the Board of Directors for the Kuwaiti Dental Society.

1985-1993: Promoted as Head of the Dental Office Services for the Capital District.

1983-1986: Appointed by the Ministry of Health to work with Forsyth Dental Center in Boston University to establish a Kuwaiti Dental Health Program School model.

1979: Received a certificate for Health Planning from John Hopkins University in Washington D.C., United States of America.

1986: Appointed by the Ministry of Health for one year in developing a survey for the Kuwaiti National Dental Health.

1993-2004: Started and managed, own private dentistry practice.

2004 until present: Established and managing two private dental centers, Al-Mubarakiya Dental Center.

    Salmiya Branch :

  • Dr. Manoj Philip Koshy

    Born in Kerala, India, in 1971, Dr. Manoj received his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from Mangalore University in 1994. His first experience on the job was in 1994, being a dentist at a private practice in Kerala. In 2000, he worked as an assistant to the professor and head of the department of Orthodontics in Chennai, India, until 2003. Afterwards, Dr. Manoj continued his education by getting his Master’s degree in Orthodontics. During his years of his master’s degree, he has attended numerous conferences and even gave a number of seminars. In 2004, Dr. Manoj has joined our Al-Mubarakiya team, in Salmiya branch.

  • Dr. Firas Osman

    Dr. Firas is one of our oldest and first doctors to join Al-Mubarakiya. Born in July 1975 in Jordan, Dr. Firas received his Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry from Ukraine. Right after his bachelor’s degree, he continued with his Master’s degree majoring in Oral Surgery. Having worked at a private clinic in jordan for two years after getting his Master’s, Dr. Firas keeps up-to-date with the latest in oral surgery by attending different seminars, courses and conferences, focusing on dental implants and root canal treatments.

  • Dr. Alshayma’a Refaat Afifi

    Dr. Alshayma’a received her Bachelor’s in Oral Medicine and Surgery in 2001 from Ein Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. Prior to her degree, Dr. Alshayma’a trained at the dental school in her university and attended a number of workshops involving oral surgery and root canal treatments. In 2005, she joined our Al-Mubarakiya team, as an Oral Surgeon, at our Salmiya branch.

    Egaila Branch :

  • Dr. Mohamed Zaki

    Dr. Mohamed was born in 1979 in Egypt. He graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery in May 2001 (with honors). After having a number of years of experience after his bachelor’s degree, he later applied to get a Master’s degree. In April, 2007, he received his Master’s degree in Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Al-Azhar University in Cairo. He has also received a number of certificates, such as a certificate from the Saudi Arabian Council for Health Specialties (Oral and Maxillo-facial surgery). After receiving his Master’s Degree, he has worked in different clinic in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He joined Al-Mubarakiya’s team in 2011, Al-Egaila branch, as an Oral Surgeon.

  • Dr. Amira Al-Sheikh

    Dr. Amira, an Egyptian citizen, was born and raised in Kuwait in 1979. She received her Bachelor’s in Oral and Dental Medicine with Honors from Cairo University in 2001. To gain some work experience, she worked at the Ministry of Health in Cairo, specifically in the Public Medical Center. In 2004, she enrolled in Cairo University to get her Masters Degree in Orthodontics, and succeeded in receiving her degree in 2008. During that period, she continued gaining more experience in the dental industry by working at different private practices in Cairo, to aid her in getting work experience and exposure to different dental cases. Attending conferences and training programs is also a priority for Dr. Amira, since she strives to gain as much knowledge in the advances of the dental industry. Dr. Amira joined the Al-Mubarakiya team, our Egaila branch, in January 2011.

  • Dr. Amal Mohsen

    Dr. Amal Mohsen was born and raised in Kuwait in 1983. She graduated from Misr University for Science and Technology, with bachelor's degree in Oral and Dental Surgery in June 2006 with "Honors". After getting her degree, Dr Amal was trained in Al-Asr Al-Ainy and Ain Shams University in Cairo, to gain as much experience in oral and dental surgery. In 2008, she worked in private dental clinic in Egypt and attended many conference and courses between Cairo and Kuwait. In 2011, Dr.Amal joined to Al-Mubarakiya's team of doctors at Egaila branch.